Sunday, September 20, 2009

a note from slutstacie

slutstacie shared some memories with Me the other day. her pictures and her writing of the event are posted below.... Let her know what you think about it!

her first pic:
After looking at the other pics in the grouping, there were i think 9 guys total including bf. i was passed around a lot during this night. i remember not having to make anything happen on my own, they all took charge and took turns taking charge and pushing me around, pulling me over, pushing me down, manhandling me, (my cunt is throbbing remembering it) . it was in a hotel room and we started off early, maybe around 5ish and the sun was still out. i remember looking out of the sliding glass doors as i was on my hands and knees with a strange man fucking my ass and another one coming around to begin fucking my mouth and various hands rubbing all over my body, on my cunt, stomach, back, pinching my tits, etc. hands hands hands - fullness and pain in my ass, and i could see people down below at the pool, and hear loud voices from outside of people playing and talking, and i was being taken by a room full of men i've never met and will never see again. i loved that.

her second pic:
Michael? i can't wait to do this with You.
Michael's slut

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