Sunday, September 20, 2009

a note from slutstacie

slutstacie shared some memories with Me the other day. her pictures and her writing of the event are posted below.... Let her know what you think about it!

her first pic:
After looking at the other pics in the grouping, there were i think 9 guys total including bf. i was passed around a lot during this night. i remember not having to make anything happen on my own, they all took charge and took turns taking charge and pushing me around, pulling me over, pushing me down, manhandling me, (my cunt is throbbing remembering it) . it was in a hotel room and we started off early, maybe around 5ish and the sun was still out. i remember looking out of the sliding glass doors as i was on my hands and knees with a strange man fucking my ass and another one coming around to begin fucking my mouth and various hands rubbing all over my body, on my cunt, stomach, back, pinching my tits, etc. hands hands hands - fullness and pain in my ass, and i could see people down below at the pool, and hear loud voices from outside of people playing and talking, and i was being taken by a room full of men i've never met and will never see again. i loved that.

her second pic:
Michael? i can't wait to do this with You.
Michael's slut

Sunday, August 30, 2009

gonna do something -for- her and something -to- her

today there was a very fun, for Me, part of our conversation, actually, a few fun parts. This one in particular is the type I enjoy, because of the subtlety, how it's about the body but in the mind, the psychological side to it.

so I told slutstacie today that I'd been thinking about her a lot the night before and I had two things I was going to do, for her. One thing is something I'll do -to- her and the other is somthing I'll do -for- her. Big difference... it's all in the execution ;-)

when we finally got settled in this afternoon, we had another good talk. it was kinda cool, because it was raining where she is and it was raining where I am.. for her, a regular event, for Me (here) an uncommon event indeed. oh and by the way.. I'd left My car windows down... kinda funny..


We were having a nice conversation.. she lifter her hand and wrist to the camera so I could see My cuff on her wrist. I told her that I wanted to describe for her the thing I want to do -to- her. I want to save the other one for a while, because that one will be ... a milestone.. or something..

I see you with a cuff, metal or leather, on both wrists and ankles. From those you're tied very securely to the four corners of the bed... securely enough that there is effectively no slack, your arms and legs pretty much pulled straight. you might be able to raise your body in an arch, a bit, by raising your pelvis, but that's about it. your head is hanging over the edge of the bed. not all the way, more like 45 degrees...

i kneel down in her face... I'm going to fuck your throat stacie... completely. I'm going to push My cock into your throat until you can't breathe.. further, if I can. My balls will be lying across your nose and maybe your eyes.. And I'm going to stay like that for as long as I think you can go without breath. Then, I'll pull out, let you gasp in a breath or two, then slide back into your throat.

Some of time I want to really fuck your throat, except that instead of long in and out strokes, I only want to pull out to the point where you still can't breathe... and push in from there.

As I told her this, I said "and I'm going to do this for as long as it's fun for me... might be 15 minutes or 30 or who knows... I want you to know, slut, that I intend for you to walk away from this with your throat bruised and sore. Every time you swallow or talk over the next couple of days, you'll be reminded of the day your Master fucked your throat."

It's so much fun to own her.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

name, rank and serial

slutstacie got a couple of other somethings to go along with her new collar.

One is a nice shiny, engraved dog tag. If she were to ever get seperated from Me or lost, whoever found her would know how to contact her Owner.

It complements her black collar well, don't you think? During the day when she's wearing My collar, she puts this in the back so no one will see it and ask questions she's not ready to answer. I like it there too, because I know that she can feel the cold metal sliding around on the back of her neck. Another constant reminder that she is owned. At lunch or when ever she leaves during the day, she turns the tag in the front, proud of who she is. As am I.

Here's another shot of My slutstacie in her collar..

What a lovely pet she is....

Friday, August 28, 2009

If found, please return to...

Many people own many things; houses, cars, airplanes, businesses, motorcycles and pets.

I too own a pet: My slutstacie. she is My pet, My whore, My property.

I told last time how I've sent her a pet collar to wear until the time I can collar her properly. Being collared, besides wearing a solid cuff on her right wrist 24/7 to show My ownership of her, is just one of the ways I use to help her feel used and owned, two very important elements of our relationship. The more she feels owned, the more she feels -truly- used, without regard to her own wants and needs, truly used sexually as holes for fucking, as a toy to be fucked, the more fulfilled she feels. she needs to feel that way, I need to make her feel that way and together we feed off of each other.

I personally can't think of many things that would make a woman (a cunt) feel more owned than to be wearing a collar, a dog collar, as a sign that she is Owned, the property of her Master and Owner.

Here's what My slut looks like wearing My collar, during the day, at her work, in full view of her co-workers & partners. (Okay, fine, the ID tag, which I'll describe in another post, she wears in back, for now, just to avoid any word getting out to her husband).

Her's My collared pet:

Next time... read the words that the world will see when they see My collared pet...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

a Man and His pet

I own slutstacie; she belongs to Me. she is My property. My cunt, My slut, My whore, My fucktoy, My whipping toy, My party favor, My whatever I want her to be. she is My property.

she and I have talked long about Me collaring her. she has given herself to Me, offered herself as a gift to Me for My enjoyment, My use; I accepted her gift and now she is My property. We've talked about collaring and her wearing My collar. We've talked about Me sending her one to have for now, but we've always come back around to the idea that her first collar, that is, My first collar that she will wear, is one that we should pick out together. That may seem a little soft or something, because I'm sure a lot of M/s, D/s, O/o couples would say that the (collar, thing, whatever) that she wants is the one her Master/Dom/Owner picks for her.

We would normally agree with that as well, but not in this case. Because our relationship is different than everyone elses', whether vanilla or D/s, and because We want to fashion our lives and our relationship as -ours-, we choose our own way. Because her collar, that is, My collar on her, is such an important symbol of Us, not just of the power exchange that we have, but because of the love we share, we choose to do things our way. So, when it comes time for her to receive her first "real" collar, We will choose that together, finding the collar that suits -Us-.

You may already know, from previous posts, that slutstacie is My property. You may also know that recently I sent her a slave cuff to wear, 24/7, as a sign of her being owned. she has done so, wearing My cuff full time, at work, at the home and in the life she shares with bf/hubby and when she sleeps. I, We, look at that as her bond to Me.

While out running errands not too long ago, an idea that'd been rolling around My brain for awhile suddenly solidified into an image and I KNEW it was the right thing to do.

There are many aspects of My relationship with slutstacie that are important to both of us. Some of her needs are to be and to feel Owned. This is important to her and something she needs. Another, very, very important one, is that she needs to feel used; not just sexually but in any way that makes her feel or reinforces her feeling of being Owned. One of My needs is to feel complete and total ownership of a cunt and for that cunt to be available to Me, always and at all times, for My use, for My enjoyment.

So, I bought some things for My slut.

I was back and forth on the collar thing, both wanting to wait to buy her first "official" collar together and wanting her to feel collared and owned right now. As My cunt, My property, she is also My pet. And, wouldn't any good, responsible pet owner put a collar on their pet?

Of course they would! So I did. And now she wears this as well:
slutstacie wears My cuff on her right wrist as a sign of her ownership by Me and she wears it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now, everyday when she gets in to work and calls Me, she also wears My collar, her pet collar. She calls and asks "Master, may i wear Your collar?" and I tell her yes, and listen to her fasten it around her neck. she then wears My collar all day at work until time for her to go home. While wearing My cuff is innocuous enough to explain away, I'm pretty sure a married woman would not be able to explain why she's wearing a dog collar tight around her neck and why she won't take it off. Then, at the end of the day, I tell her, "slut, it's time to remove My collar from your neck. But you continue to know that it's still there, at all times, and removing My collar from your neck does not lessen My ownership of you."

"i know Master. i would so much rather keep Your collar on. Thank You for understanding." And she takes it off and puts it away until the next day.

Next time, I'll have a picture of the slut in My collar and another thing I got for her at the same time.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

for my Master, thoughts of this afternoon

When slutstacie and I finished our session, I knew that she didn't have too long before bf/hubby got home. Still, I told her to put away Our toys and to stay naked, wearing only My cuff for as long as possible.

"Yes, Master, i will."

I also told her "...after you've put the toys away and cleaned up whatever you need to do, I have an assignment for you. I want you to take 15 minutes, no more, and write your thoughts and feelings about this afternoon. I'm not going to give any more direction than that. There is no right or wrong, nothing in particular I'm looking to hear about - I want whatever comes to your mind. Just write it down. Take no more than 15 minutes and mail it to Me."

she is a good little slut. she's obediant yet feisty, slutty yet classy, eager for a beating but happy with whatever pain Master chooses to give her. And she completed her assignment.

Here's what she sent to Me:

the first thing that comes to mind is thank You. thank You for making those delicious clothespin strands for me/Us to use. thank You for giving me Your pain. thank You for taking Ownership of me and making me Your property.

i can't wait to have Your hands putting the clothespins on Your cunt lips, Your tits, Your slut's tongue, and even better, for Your hands to be the ones ripping them off and making Your cunt scream.

it felt so good, so right, to stand before You naked wearing only Your cuff and ring. it felt so natural to kneel before You, my Master and Owner and wait for Your instruction. it will always excite me to kneel before You. always. and it will always make me feel at home where i belong.

the excitement i get when unbuckling Your belt and taking out Your cock will never fade or lessen. it will always give me a rush of excitement as well as a feeling of peace and comfort to pull out Master's cock for the first time whether it be just for a quick suck or for a long worship or to then present myself for His use. it will never mean less to me or affect/effect/uffect (hehe) me any less. i believe it will always grow larger and more powerful each time it is done.

thank you again Master for Your touch, Your pain, Your words, Your love. giving myself to You was the best thing i've ever done or will ever do.

all my love and devotion,
Your slut

Who could ask for a better slut?

she honors Me so much.

using My slut

We had a little time the other day to play. she, slutstacie, was at home and we were talking. she'd just accepted My cuff and had been wearing it full time for a couple of days.

Owning and Dominating a slut long distance is a little difficult, but there's still things you can do to test and push and control.. we were having a "regular" chat, nothing in particular, nothing especially sexual and out of the blue I told her "get naked". There was a -slight- pause, nothing longer than the time it takes to shift mental gears and I could hear her getting undressed.

From her rapid response I knew she was -there-. "i'm naked, Master". "Get on your knees, in your position". Another immediate shuffle as I heard her getting on her knees. "yes, Master". I told her to describe to Me how she was positioned. "i'm on my knees, knees spread so You can see Your cunt, sitting on my heels, my hands resting on my thighs, my eyes down".

Just the mental picture gets Me hard. "Just stay there and let Me look at you".... "Yes Sir".

"Lift your tits to Me, hold them up and out so I can see them, hit them if I choose". "i'm holding them out for You, Master".

"Do you have the clothespin strips I made for you handy?"
"They're in the bedroom, Master."
"Go there now, get them out. Then kneel near the bed as though I was sitting there."

Shuffle, shuffle.

"i'm in my position in front of you Master and the clothespin strips on on the floor in front of me."

"Good girl. Now listen and then do as I say: Take both ends of one strip, put those clothespins on the top of each outer pussy lip, as close to your clit as you can. Tell Me when that's done."

There's something about both listening to a woman, a slut, a submissive do immediately as she's told... and there's something else about hearing the little gasps of pain as she does what I wish even though she know's it's gonna hurt. Otoh, she is a pain slut, so maybe she also does it -because- she knows it's gonna hurt.

"Yes, Master, they're on."

"Good, now, take every other clip, starting at the ones already on your cunt and put them on your pussy lips, the outer lips, working down toward your ass. I want a minimum of 4 clips on each lip. Then, lay the rest of the strip out in a loop in front of you. Tell Me when you've done so."

After hearing several "oohs" and "owws", she said "They're on as you asked, Master."

"Look at the loop in front of your cunt, slut. My hand will be on that loop and when I want, I will pull it off you, snapping each of those clothespins of your cunt lips, My cunt lips, as I pull. Remember, slut, your pain belongs to Me - do not hold back on your cries and screams, they are Mine."

"yes, Master"

"Now, take another strip of clothespins. Take the pin on each end an put it on each nipple. Put as much of your nipple in the clip as possible. Let the rest of the string hang down so it's pulling on your nipples. Do it now."

"yes Master" as more "mmm" and "unhh" and "ouchouchouch". "They're on, Master."

"How does it feel, slut?"

"It hurts Master. Thank you for Your pain, Master."

"Now, listen carefully. you are going to get up on your knees, then lean forward so that your forehead is resting on the edge of the bed. Do not use your arms to support your weight. I want the weight of the clips pulling on your tits and on your cunt lips. Close your eyes and imagine Me behind you, My hands on your hips as I fuck your cunt... I want you to feel the way My stroking pulls the clips on your cunt lips. you stay just like that and imagine Me fucking you until I tell you otherwise."

"mmm, yes, Master."

I left her there for 3 or 4 or 5 minutes, saying nothing to her, just listening to her. she was making little sounds, little moans, little sighs, as I left here there to her thoughts.

Finally, I said "Sit back in your position NOW." When I heard her stop moving, I said "Listen closely. Here's what you're going to do.... Take the middle clips of the strip hanging from your tits, the middle 2 clothespins... stick out your tongue as far as you can, then put on clip on each side of the tip of your tongue, pushing it as far onto your tongue as you can. DO NOT HOLD BACK YOUR PAIN SOUNDS - THEY BELONG TO ME and I WANT THEM, understand?"

"yes, Master." although, the sound of fear was in her voice. "Therthe, on mytht tongthe, Matther."

"Now listen again, cunt. Starting with the first clips you put on your cunt lips, I want you to take every other one off, the 2nd and then the 4th, on each lip. Take them off -quickly-, do NOT pause in between. This will HURT and I want you to HURT, you know that, right?" "Yeth, Mahther, I know you wanht to hurht your thlut." "When I tell you, take them off, quickly then start rubbing your clit, your cunt and fucking yourself with your fingers. I WANT TO HEAR YOU CUM, NOW. UNDERSTAND? -NOW-. Do it, now..."

There were several seconds of the most wonderful, most rewarding shrieks, cries and moans as she took the 2 clothespins of of each pussy lip and the blood starting rushing back in and the nerves started screaming... then I could hear her rubbing her cunt with purpose, pushing to make herself cum, for Me, as quickly as possible. The cries of pain were soon replaced by moans as she fingered her cunt, played with her clit, imagined her Master watching her.

I could tell when she got close to cumming... When I figured she was within 5 or 10 seconds, I told her to "quickly now, take the 2 pins off your tongue, and continue playing with your cunt... I WANT TO HEAR YOU CUM, NOW!" she didn't miss a beat and I heard her cries of pain when the pins on her tongue came off.... but she was deep into almost cumming and she hardly missed a beat... I told her "Keep playing with your cunt and listen to Me, when I tell you, you will grab the strip of pins on your cunt and pull the rest of clips off in one quick pull, understand? you will continue masturbating until I hear you cum... DO NOT STOP... "... "oh g-d".... wait, wait, wait until I heard her moans reaching the point of desperation and she started to say "Master, may I cum, please...?" "No, not yet.. don't you cum until I say!"... "ohg-dohg-dohg-d, please Master?"

You know, there's something very rewarding about being both a Master and a Sadist. Especially when you have a -true- submissive and a true masochist. I knew she was -dying- to cum, right on the very edge but holding back until I gave permission. I knew, as did she (if she was thinking much right then) how much pulling those pins off her cunt lips would hurt... a LOT. she begged again, "oh Master, may i PLEASE cum?".... "yes, slut, CUM NOW!" she grew very quiet for a second, although I could still hear her moving her hand in her cunt... and then it started... "unn, uhnnn, uhnnnnnh, oh g-d, oh g-d... " and just as I figured she was almost to the top of that first cum, I said "Yank the pins off your cunt, NOW!"

I'm not sure she even registered what I said; I'm not sure she had many thoughts at that moment at all. What I do know is that the elapsed time from when I said "...NOW" until I heard the pins snapping and her screams starting in earnest couldn't have been one-half of a second... "snapsnapsnapsnap" and then the screams... the awesome, lovely, screams of agony first, as the pins slipped off her cunt lips, and all that pressure and feeling rushed back in, and her screams, SCREAMS as all that pain raced up her body from her cunt to her brain and then out in her screams... g-d, it was beautiful... and then her screams changed from pain to ecstasy as she started cumming... cumming, trying to ask permission even as she tried and failed to get the words out... she screamed and came and screamed and came... I don't know how many times or for how long... I'd guess 3 times and for maybe 15 seconds, give or take...

Oh, btw, I -love- being a sadistic, devious basterd.

Just as her screams turned to moans and started fading, I said, in a rather low voice (I wanted her to strain to hear Me), "pull the clips off your nipples, NOW...NOW". and she did, I heard a little whimper as she realized what I said and then SNAPSNAPOWWG-DOWWUNNHOWWWWWWWW, oh g-d, oh g-d, oh g-d.." and she came again.

she wasn't quiet, but she certainly wasn't talking... I sat and listened to her breathing, the small sighs and moans she was still letting out... listening to her breathing return to almost normal.... and the first thing she said was "thank you, Master".

I love My slut. Who wouldn't?

I love My cunt, My whore, My fucktoy.